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In 2012-13, the AdvantAge Initiative team worked with organizations in California, Texas, Tennessee, and New York to conduct the AdvantAge Initiative survey.

Click here to read the report from the Plough Foundation.

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The AdvantAge Initiative helps counties, cities, and towns prepare for the growing number of older adults who are "aging in place" while creating livable communities for people of all ages.
Does your community help older residents maintain their health, live independently, and lead productive and satisfying lives?

Does your community engage older adults as resources, tapping their civic and social strengths?

Is your community able to meet the changing needs of the frail, disabled, and homebound?

What do your older residents think about your community?
Would they consider it elder-friendly?

Is planning for a growing older population a priority in your community? Does your community have reliable data to inform planning?

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