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The AdvantAge Initiative has printed and disseminated a series of newsletters highlighting the work of the ten pilot communities. The newsletters also offer technical assistance to the AdvantAge Initiative communities and others that would like to begin reaching out to older adults and stakeholders in their communities through data collection, focus groups and coalition building.

We are also in the process of developing fact sheets summarizing survey results on a variety of topics including housing, social activities, and others. These documents will be available soon.

Best Practices a brand-new publication prepared by the AdvantAge Initiative team profiles 17 promising community efforts designed to maximize the potential for older residents to remain active, engaged, and independent and presents lessons learned from these efforts that can be applied to any community-building project.

The following publications are currently available on this website.

Case Study:

Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, Westside Crime Prevention Program, and the New York City Police Department. 2009 MetLife Foundation Community-Police Partnership Neighborhood Revitalization Award.

  AdvantAge Initiative Update, Apr/May 2003
  AdvantAge Initiative Update, Jul/Oct 2002
  AdvantAge Initiative Update, May/Jun 2002
  AdvantAge Initiative Update, Mar/Apr 2002
  AdvantAge Initiative Update, Jan/Feb 2002
Best Practices:
  Lessons for Communities in Supporting the Health, Well-Being, and Independence of Older People

  Presentations are not currently availiable


Fact Sheets:
  The Great Information Divide: Where Do Older Adults Turn for Help?
  Housing Cost Burden Casts a Shadow Over Older People’s Future
  Staying Healthy, Living Longer: Gaps in Preventive Care Among Older Adults
  When Older Adults Are Involved in the Community, the Benefits are Mutual

The AdvantAge Initiative: Helping Communities Develop Strategies for Aging in Place


A Tale of Two Older Americas: Community Opportunities and Challenges

Indicator Chartbook: National Survey of Adults Aged 65 and Older

Sample Indicators:
  Indicators List: Essential Elements of an Elder Friendly Community
Online Toolkit:  
  1. Participatory Research and Tools

2. Participatory Research Basics

3. Tools for Participatory Research

  • 3a. Focus Groups
  • 3b. Grafitti Wall
  • 3c. Mapmaking

4. Visioning Basics

5. Tools for Visioning

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